Our Clients

Our OASIS clients are all third sector organisations that deliver services to support adults and children and young people who have experience of Domestic Abuse (DA). Typically these organisations are charities who rely on government, local authority and public donations.

Working together

Whether we supply and support their IT infrastructure or software solutions we build strong long term working relationship with our customers. We provide impartial advice to explore options for all areas of business related IT. We work closely with our clients to roadmap improvements to their business systems, to provide strategic solutions that deliver tangible benefits to the business.

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I have seen the difference OASIS has made to our practice and its ability to produce quality reports in such a short space of time. It was exactly the same when I was working at Manchester WA. OASIS makes our work easier and I want other WA members to benefit too.

Philippa Ladd, CEO Changing Pathways

Having sampled and used other software for case note recording and statistical reporting in the past, I can honestly say we really appreciate the introduction of OASIS in our Wrexham direct services. The initial training from IT Works was excellent and after a few minor teething problems OASIS has made day to day tasks for my staff so much easier in my case monitoring. Staff in our head office can now pick out the information they require straight from the system instead of involving me.

Alison Hamlington, Service Deliver Manager
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I highly recommend using On Track. Frontline staff have commented on how intuitive and easy to use the system is, whilst the robust outcomes framework allows us to effectively evidence the work that we are doing. IT Works are also great to work with – they will ensure that all your needs are met and ensure that your migration goes smoothly.

Katie Smith, Solace Womens Aid

Talking to commissioners and re-drafting our monitoring workbooks was definitely a huge plus for us and I appreciated all of the clear, concise e-mails that explained each step of the process and outlined who was doing what.

Sophie, Wycombe Women's Aid
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Fife Womans Aid

We expected benefits from the OASIS software, however nothing quite prepared us for how much easier day to day tasks would become for our support staff and how straightforward reporting would be. It has turned producing our local authority supporting people return from hours of work into a few clicks. We now have a range of statistical information and extensive reporting at our fingertips. IT Works continue to offer us a fantastic on-going service which is fundamental to the smooth day to day operation of our services. Their staff are highly skilled and professional, yet so easy to approach and communicate with. Services, which are tailored to our needs, are consistently responsive and flexible and provide us with a robust and cost effective solution to all our IT needs.

Manager, Fife Women's Aid

We recently upgraded all our IT equipment and systems and, thanks to the impartial advice and efficient service from IT Works, we made the best choices for our needs and most importantly, the transition didn’t interrupt our work.  IT Works also provide our ongoing support and any issues are dealt with quickly and efficiently.  IT Works have also helped to bring our case management systems into the 21st century through the specialist programme developed for womens aid.  This cloud based programme can be tailored to specific needs and has vastly improved recording and more importantly, reporting on the outcomes of our work.  IT Works are a pleasure to work with. They are honest in their advice, efficient in their service and helpful and patient when help is required.

Michele Corcoran, Manager Edinburgh Woman's Aid
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I was first introduced to IT Works when I was manager in Perthshire Women's Aid for assistance with new IT systems. From start to finish I found the information, support and service I received was first class. The installation of our new equipment and the training given to staff went very smoothly. I was subsequently introduced to the OASIS database and having viewed other databases I decided to purchase this as it was clearly ‘fit for purpose’. Again the installation of the database on our system went very smoothly and the training received was pitched at the right pace and level needed. I have since moved back to the Ayrshire area and became manager of South Ayrshire Women's Aid and thankfully within a few short weeks introduced the staff here to OASIS and again received a first class service. Having the OASIS database has proved invaluable and I would recommend this system to other groups. The service and professionalism of the team at IT Works has been excellent.

Hazel Bingham, Manager South Ayrshire Women’s Aid

OASIS is a fantastic system which has made a huge difference in the quality of service we can evidence to stakeholders and funders. Its effective use of staff time and their feedback is that it is easy to input and access information. The system for reporting is an excellent tool for managers and reporting of funding bodies. The team at IT Works are very knowledgeable, professional and quick to respond to queries or requests. No problems remain unresolved. I would highly recommend them.

Mary Miller, Manager Dundee Women's Aid
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I was first introduced to OASIS when I worked at Dundee Women’s Aid and was extremely impressed (as were my team) about how easy it was to use and how beneficial it has been on so many different levels.

For support workers it allows them to communicate very easily the work they do, key information about service users, record and communicate risks and hold women’s documents and evaluations. They can work from different work settings and still be able to access the Service User’s details.

As a manager it allows me to provide much more accurate information showing the breadth of the work we do to our funders and also to help us to improve our services.

I now manage the Women’s Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre – Dundee and Angus. OASIS has been redesigned a bit to reflect the needs of our service. What a difference it has made!! Before we just collated statistics – but because this is a Case Management System – it’s about recording the work we do….not just stats. This has meant that staff and volunteers are much keener to input information.

The affect has been immediate. Our statistics have rocketed – for example in March 2013 year our statistical database showed we provided 182 support sessions and contacts via the phone. This March, 2014, it’s 501 (which is incredible given that we have just started using it in February). I don’t believe it’s just down to being so much busier, the feedback is that because OASIS is just much more in tune with providing support, it’s easier to get support workers to record the information.

The team at IT Works are fantastic in providing you with support and information as you need it. I can’t recommend OASIS highly enough!

Sinead Daly, Manager Womens Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre Dundee

Monklands Women’s Aid successfully negotiated a grant to purchase IT equipment and to capitalise on the success and effectiveness of said grant. We wanted to develop our plans even further by identifying and implementing the most effective software package available; supported by new hardware and a maintenance agreement that ensures staff were fully supported and confident, to fully optimise the resource.

After exploration of comparative services in the field I identified the Online Access Secure Information System (OASIS) and first became aware of IT Works. As most third sector organisations will agree, resources are stretched and we are all under tremendous pressure to deliver effective comprehensive services with limited resources. To achieve our vision it is vital that we have a strong system infrastructure that can be optimised and developed. When we are able to access funding it is crucial that we enter into agreements with trustworthy and reliable people who have a flexible approach and understand the challenges we face.

Since my initial meeting with the IT Works team I have been delighted with the level of positive supportive interaction, nothing is too much trouble, and with their overall ‘can do’ attitude we have been further able to tailor the case management system to meet our specific organisational needs. The hardware and network infrastructure that they provided was delivered as promised to a very high standard with the minimum of disruption to our service.

I feel that the success of the project has largely been as a result of these developed trusted professional relationships. In these times of challenge and austerity it is refreshing when partners not only meet set agreements but demonstrate their commitment to work together to achieve our goals by going that extra mile.

Sharon Aitchison, CEO Monklands Womens Aid
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Really pleased with the system, it is a much more effective way of working and we have received brilliant support from IT Works & WAFE.

Abby, Swindon Womens Aid